How a Non-Profit Organization Reduced Their Lighting Maintenance Cost by 91%


Republic Energy Services is proud to have partnered with Corbrook to help lower their operating costs. Corbrook is a community-based service organization that, for over 65 years, has helped people with physical and developmental disabilities and their families gain opportunities for meaningful work and personal development. Corbrook provides a variety of unique training opportunities, employment […]

What Will Justin Trudeau’s Carbon Tax Cost Canadians?


In an article posted on the Financial Post yesterday, a report to the Senate Standing Committee on Energy is referenced, where University of Calgary economics professor Jennifer Winter revealed the bottom line of the Trudeau Carbon Price. Provinces that will be hit the hardest are Alberta, Saskatchewan and Nova Scotia. Each household within the provinces […]

The Effects of Lighting on Workplace Productivity


In a study completed by Philips Lighting they found that quality of lighting in the workplace had a significant effect on employee productivity, specifically on circadian rhythm. Why is that important to workplace productivity? Circadian rhythms have been shown to influence sleep-wake cycles, hormone release, eating habits and digestion, stimulation, relaxation, body temperature, and other […]

South Bruce Peninsula LED Lighting Retrofit


South Bruce Peninsula Estimated to Save $67,000 Annually by Switching to LED Lighting for Street Lights At a South Bruce Peninsula council meeting on May 1st, Manager of Financial Services, Karmen Krueger, announced that staff are looking to have an audit of their lighting. This would provide them with an inventory of what lighting needs […]