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Benefits of Sustainability for Businesses

Moving your business towards a more sustainable future starts with your lighting technology. Let Republic Energy Services be the catalyst for helping your business cutdown their carbon footprint and increase workplace satisfaction, all the while lowering operating costs and increasing savings.

Why is it important for businesses to be sustainable?

Sustainable businesses are quickly becoming the new norm and the future of Canadian businesses. Those that have not adopted sustainable practices are viewed as outdated and neglecting their social and economic responsibilities.

By making sustainability a focus for your business, you can support the "triple bottom line" - planet, people and profit. Kickoff your sustainability initiatives with LED lighting technology from RES.

What benefits will your business enjoy from moving towards sustainable lighting?

As mentioned above, there are three main areas that you can affect with sustainable lighting: planet, people and profit. Let's deconstruct those further:


LED lighting lowers your carbon emission. In comparison to traditional lighting, LED uses less power for a given application, and therefore the annual kilowatt consumption is less. This reduces the overall carbon emissions.

Fengate S/M Enterprises achieved an annual kilowatt reduction of 237,764, and an annual carbon emission savings of 147.9 metric tons by switching to LED lighting technology from RES.


One of the most important benefits of LED lighting is safety. Poor lighting leads to accidents; this is especially critical in warehouses where heavy machinery and products are involved. An updated lighting system increases visibility, therefore reducing accidents.

Likewise, poor lighting causes eyestrains, poor posture and headaches all of which contribute to poor concentration and poor productivity. LED lighting creates a bright and constructive environment, leading to happy and productive employees.

Another benefit of LED lighting is that it aids in maintaining a comfortable temperature within your facility or office. LED bulb emissions are up to 40 degrees cooler than conventional fluorescent bulbs, meaning your employees won't overheat during the warmer months, and you save money on energy and cooling costs.

In addition, proper lighting in your workplace increases employee productivity. Effectiveness and efficiency are vital to the success of any business; dim lighting can result in drowsiness and lack of focus in employees. We recently wrote an article, The Effects of Lighting on Workplace Productivity , where we cited a study completed by Philips Lighting. In the study it was found that quality of lighting in the workplace had a significant effect on employee productivity, specifically on circadian rhythms. Circadian rhythms have been shown to influence sleep-wake cycles, hormone release, eating habits and digestion, stimulation, relaxation, body temperature, and other important bodily functions.

Finally, businesses that are conscious of the environment typically have employees that are more infused in company culture, which makes their jobs more fulfilling.


RES worked with Savaria who was looking for a complete lighting solution for their 100,000 sqft manufacturing facility in Brampton. After partnering with RES, Savaria saw payback on the project in 1.94 years, had an ROI of 52% and their annual savings associated to their LED lighting retrofit was $78,400. The profit comes from the thousands of dollars you will be saving each year on your electrical costs.

An additional profit benefit to interior or exterior lighting upgrade (CommercialIndustrial Lighting Solutions) is market advantage. Investing in sustainable practices improved your brand reputation; you are viewed as a positive and contributing member of the community. This makes your business more favourable to work with, and less likely to be perceived in a negative light if a misstep does occur.

Taking the first steps towards a more sustainable future for your business starts with a simple phone call with a lighting expert from RES. Call (416) 844-9366 or fill out our contact form to set up a complimentary facility lighting audit.