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McDonald's very first store in Canada was in London, 100 Miles East of Detroit. Until 2014 all stores were Corporately held until John Simioni was awarded the market. He noticed the day he walked in that the lighting was poor, that the restaurant didn't show the way he wanted it to considering the investment he had just put in. He reached out to RES to fix this problem and the results speak for themselves!

  • Annual energy savings: 70%
  • Annual maintenance savings: 86%
  • Annual KWH reduction: 185,817
  • Annual CO2 savings in metric tons: 115.6
  • ROI: 38%
  • Payback in years: 2.7

"I am extremely happy with the results both aesthetically & financially. There are not many investments I know of that give you these returns I have seen to date. The ability to create cash flow with out jeopardizing the quality and services put forth to our clients made this a very worth while Investment"

John Simioni, Owner Operator McDonald's

what our clients say!

I am very pleased with the retrofit and would be happy to pass along any recommendations to potential clients. We are seeing an average of $2,500 to $3,000 saving per month and that is covering the lease nicely. So far it has worked out better than I thought. If interested, Trish has a spreadsheet that covers several years of Kilowatt hours by month and you can clearly see the reduction since our retrofit.

David DeSaverio

Philips Energy Solutions Partner

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