Turtle Jacks 1900 – Appleby Line Burlington

An award winning concept, Turtle Jack’s is an Ontario based restaurant established in 1992 that provides guests with a taste of the cottage lifestyle. Turtle Jack’s commitment to food quality compares to no other dining establishment.  When pondering their lighting needs there was serious concern about what type of ambiance would be created via LED Lighting,  RES along side Philips created and designed a lighting system that met their needs all while creating serious savings!

  • Annual Energy Savings: 75%
  • Annual Maintenacne Savings: 62%
  • Annual KWh Reduction: 110,694
  • Co2 Savings – shown in Metric Tons:  68.8
  • ROI: 68%
  • Realized Payback: 1.47 Years

“Scott and his team from Phillips handled all phases of our recent LED retrofit including design as well as receipt of our rebate cheques and promptly dealt with any of our concerns. We are delighted with our new system which will reduce our utility costs today and in the future.”

Aubrey Beers – Partner

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