Exterior Commercial Lighting

Exterior lighting consumes a very significant portion of your business’s energy. In this day and age, not only is it becoming more popular to live more sustainably, but large corporations and businesses are starting to replace all their lighting with high-quality, energy efficient LED lights to help the delicate environment we live in. When you call a commercial lighting expert at RES, we can discuss all the options available to turn your dealership, parking lot, or any exterior of your business into a more eco-friendly, safer place, and help you save on those high energy costs!

Exterior Commercial Lighting

What Is LED Lighting?

LED stands for Light-Emitting Diode. Ultimately, they produce a brighter light while using 80% less energy than your typical fluorescent or incandescent light bulbs. LED bulbs don’t contain harsh or toxic products either, whereas fluorescent bulbs have chemicals like mercury in them meaning, when tossed out after use, they’re contaminating the environment even more.

How Long Do LED Bulbs Last?

LED lights have a much longer lifespan than your fluorescent or incandescent lights. They’re typically known for shining for a total of 50,000 hours which is five times longer than other bulbs. This means you won’t have to replace the bulbs as often! In fact, used 12 hours a day, they could last up to 11-12 years!

Why Should I Switch To LED Lighting?

Don’t think of it as switching. We like to call it upgrading to energy efficient LED lighting because of all the pros associated with it. Now more than ever, it’s important we start giving back to our beautiful planet and ensuring that not only are we creating a positive impact, but we’re encouraging others to follow suit.

Just because you own a large office building or car dealership, doesn’t mean you can’t make these necessary changes. When you call RES, we look forward to explaining to you all the perks associated with renewable energy, and discussing how to make the exterior of your business more safe and equally as inviting as indoors.

Why Should I Switch To LED Lighting?

Some of the Reasons You Should Make the Upgrade

Environmental Benefits

Not only will you be lowering your energy bills, you’ll be lowering your carbon emissions. Your carbon emissions are essentially the carbon dioxide you’re producing that’s being emitted into the air, the ocean, and even affects the food we eat, crops, animals, etc. Reducing your carbon footprint is a great start, like biking to work, taking shorter showers, or not supporting large factory farms, but ultimately, businesses play a huge role in the amount of gases being released. Upgrading to LED lighting is just a start towards a better future for our earth and only a simple phone call away!

Employee & Customer Benefits

Going green can positively impact your employees in many ways. Not only can it improve efficiency, but it can also improve the safety of the workplace, especially if there are large parking lots and office buildings involved. Reduce the risk of accidents with LED! Dim lighting, or bulbs that burn out regularly, are not safe when there is large equipment or tools involved. A dimly lit office can also have a negative impact on people’s moods. When you upgrade with RES, we’ll make sure every outdoor space is properly lit so we can improve productivity and increase visibility to reduce any potential risks or accidents. 

Business Benefits

 An outdoor business space can be huge and involve a lot of lighting. Just ask our clients like Fengate S/M Enterprises or Burlington Golf & Country Club, they’ll agree! But, we helped turn all their exterior lighting into energy efficient LED bulbs, and now their savings each month are huge!

How Is The Installation Done?

How Is The Installation Done?

We’ve partnered with Philips Lighting, a true expert when it comes to your innovative LED solutions. This package includes a lighting audit, engineering, design, tax, manufacturing, installation, and more. Set up a complimentary lighting audit so you can learn all about how, and where, you can improve your lighting solutions and start saving on those high energy bills.

Improve the safety for your employees and customers in parking lots, car dealership lots, or even dark walkways, and boost their mood with a bright setting! Reduce your monthly costs and your carbon emissions, and start being the change you want to see in the world. When you turn your business into an energy efficient space, maybe this will encourage others to follow suit and create an even bigger positive impact on the environment.

Contact a lighting solutions expert at RES by visiting our contact us page or calling 416-844-9366. We'll come to your facility and provide a lighting audit to determine where you can benefit from cost effective lighting solutions.