Fengate - S/M Enterprises

Fengate is a leading investment firm specializing in real assets, with a focus on infrastructure, real estate and private equity. Since 2007, Fengate has been recognized as one of Canada's Best Managed Companies. Fengate hired RES to help reduce the operational costs and maintenance costs at the S/M Enterprise facility located in Oakville.  RES retrofitted the facility with an LED lighting system, providing the sustainable savings that Fengate was looking for.

  • Annual energy savings: 72%
  • Annual maintenance savings: 85%
  • Annual KWH reduction: 237,764
  • Annual CO2 savings in metric tons: 147.9
  • ROI: 69%
  • Payback in years: 1.45


"We are very happy with the upgraded LED lights, savings are compelling and overall the lighting is much more vibrant"

Chris Innes - Fengate



what our clients say!

"We were afraid that the reduced wattage would not showcase our cars as well. However once we received our new lights, we were pleasantly surprised at the clarity and color. We are very pleased not only with the look of the new lights but the money we put to the bottom line is almost too good to be true."

Guss Hopel

Philips Energy Solutions Partner

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