Ferraro's Italian Restaurant

Located not far from the famous Las Vegas Strip, Ferraro's is a traditional family-style restaurant serving fine Italian time-honored family recipes. It has been honored with numerous awards and broad recognition in the Las Vegas community. Republic Energy Services retrofited the entire restaurant with careful attention and fine detail and with a focus on maintaining the unique ambiance in the restaurant. Ferraro's actually was designed around very high-end chandeliers which set the tone and feeling for the restaurant. Republic Energy Services and Philips were able to design a lighting system that maintains that unique look and feel, which was important to the owners and staff, while producing sizable energy savings.

  • Annual Energy Savings: 76%
  • Annual Maintenance Savings: 88%
  • Annual kWh Reduction: 102,681
  • Annual Co2 Savings - Shown in Metric Tons: 63.9
  • ROI: 52%
  • Payback in Years: 1.92

what our clients say!

We are very pleased with the recent work the RE...

Kevin Fraser

Philips Energy Solutions Partner

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