HMS Host/Starbucks

HMS Host is a division of Autogrill S.P.A., the world's largest food and beverage provider for travelers. It is recognized as the industry leader with locations worldwide. HMS Host contracted with Republic Energy Services to redesign and retrofit the lighting systems at the Starbucks locations throughout the Honolulu International Airport. The seven locations were retrofitted with high-efficiency lighting fixtures, ensuring significant energy consumption savings for them, while maintaining the distinctive look and feel of the Starbucks brand.

  • Annual Energy Savings: 77%
  • Annual Maintenance Savings: 54%
  • Annual kWh Reduction: 34,834
  • Annual Co2 Savings - Shown in Metric Tons: 21.7
  • ROI: 101%
  • Payback in Years: 0.99

what our clients say!

RES was able to significantly drop our Kilowatt...

Mark Rousseau

Philips Energy Solutions Partner

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