How a Non-Profit Organization Reduced Their Lighting Maintenance Cost by 91%


Republic Energy Services is proud to have partnered with Corbrook to help lower their operating costs. Corbrook is a community-based service organization that, for over 65 years, has helped people with physical and developmental disabilities and their families gain opportunities for meaningful work and personal development.

Corbrook provides a variety of unique training opportunities, employment services and community activities that focus on increasing independence, building self-esteem and enjoying a higher quality of life. Their support helps persons with varying levels of abilities make informed decisions and personal choices that aid in achieving their goals.

With the help of RES, Corbrook was able to lower their operating costs and increase their savings. These savings were reinvested into the community and Corbrook’s outstanding services like training.

The results of Corbrook’s lighting retrofit were:

  • 73% reduction in kWh consumption
  • 91% reduction in annual lighting maintenance costs
  • 33% ROI

Each year Corbrook is saving on their lighting costs, which allows more funds to be invested into their mission. Other community services, charities and businesses need to take the simple step of upgrading their lighting to a system that is going to save money. Saving money on your lighting means more money for the things that matter like program development, supplies, better offered services, and reinvesting in your employees.

To learn more about Corbrook and their services visit their website at

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