Industrial Lighting Solutions

Did you know that lighting can change the whole mood of a room? This means different lighting can affect your workforce by either increasing or decreasing their productivity and even their health. And of course, lighting plays a huge role in the interior and exterior of your business as it consumes a significant amount of your energy bill. 

The Benefits of Choosing Our Industrial Lighting Services

One of the best ways to save on your utility bills and reduce electricity consumption is to retrofit your office or facility with energy-efficient LED lighting. This way, you will get both environmental and fiscal benefits, such as:​

Substantial Operating Cost Savings

Our commercial lighting solutions go above and beyond just lowering electric bills. They also allow you to reduce your carbon footprint and generate huge ROI.

Maximizing Utility Rebates

By allying ourselves with utilities, we handle this comprehensive process on behalf of our users. That enables them to focus on their business.

Flexible Solutions​

Interior design flexibility coupled with enhanced control can ensure that the results are in line with your expectations. This is possible through custom color temperatures and raised light levels. ​

Eco-friendly Systems

By switching to more environmentally-friendly lighting systems, your company will become more carbon neutral. Reduce your carbon footprint while saving energy and money simultaneously.

Clean and Modern Design

Our solutions fit in any environment, from warehouses to distribution centers and industrial production areas. That’s because these lighting systems are designed with improved aesthetic and visual quality in mind.

Increased Productivity and Safety​

With our commercial LED lighting, you can improve overall safety and increase productivity in the workplace. That can be achieved thanks to constant light output, instant on-off capabilities, and intelligent controls. ​

Industrial Lighting Solutions

How Do Our Industrial Lighting Solutions Work?

At Republic Energy Services, we are committed to providing a simple commercial lighting process so that every step is streamlined. It consists of the following five steps:

First things first, it is necessary to discuss your individual needs before conducting a site audit. We will calculate energy savings and go from there.

Once the estimates are made and identify areas for savings opportunities, we will perform a cost-benefit analysis. This involves determining the quality and color of light that works best for your needs. We are going to provide you with a thorough analysis that includes payback, cost savings, and incentives.

Our team of professionals will design complete lighting solutions according to your specifications. The flexibility in design enables you to choose the right color and temperature for any particular purpose. Our design experts will come up with a lighting solution that fits your style and preferences. 

The detailed rebate administration will be included in a proposal for your review and approval. We don’t do anything without the approval of our clients.

Our professionals will install commercial lighting for your business once you fill out our contact form. We offer elegant and unique lighting installations that can perfectly match your commercial space.

From initial design consultation to the final installation and follow-up of the project, we will help you turn your vision into reality. No matter how small or big the project, we will visit your commercial space, consult with you, and provide the custom-fitted lighting in line with your vision.

We Provide Industrial Lighting Solutions

We’re lighting experts who can solve any dark problem areas or safety concerns. But we also specialize in helping industries cut down on energy costs by providing a more efficient lighting solution. Now more than ever, businesses are really leaning towards creating a more positive impact on our planet. By lowering your greenhouse gas emissions and your carbon emissions, customers and employees will appreciate what you stand for even more.

But how does an LED bulb make a difference? A standard incandescent bulb burns 50 watts of electricity an hour. An LED bulb burns six watts an hour. A standard incandescent bulb can last up to 1,200 hours. An LED bulb can last 50,000 hours. LED bulbs are 80% more efficient which means you won’t have to replace them as much!

In 2017, LED bulbs reduced 570 million tons of carbon emissions. We’ve been working with Philips Lighting since 1988 to make changing your industrial building into an energy efficient space easier, particularly because of their installation, manufacturing, and engineering experts.

Why Is Sustainability Important?

As if caring about our planet wasn’t enough to change your mind about switching to LED lighting, or cutting down on high energy costs, it will improve both your reputation as a business, and with your employees. You’ll become a positive member of the community, known for your carbon consciousness and taking that next step to improve the quality of the air we breathe. If big companies like Coca Cola, Nike, Adidas, IKEA, H&M, Unilever, Toyota, BMW, and more, can start their journey down the path of a more energy efficient and sustainable business, you can too.

Why Is Sustainability Important?

Why Choose Us?

The reasons to choose us when looking for commercial lighting are numerous. Below are just some of the perks you can get by working with us:

Will Switching To LED Lights Be Affordable?

Philips Lighting is known for their affordable services and award-winning products. Regardless of the size of the property you’re looking to improve (retail store, warehouse, parking lot, university/college, etc.), we provide you with our list of trusted industry experts who ensure the installation process is as smooth as possible while providing specifically designed software to maximize your return on investment.

We guarantee savings from 50-75%, or more! Not only will you see positive results in your energy bills, but also in your carbon footprint. Philips package will also include a five-year warranty and zero out-of-pocket expense during installation through a customized financing plan.

We have a proven track record of success that is sure to impress any industrial businesses looking to switch over to a more environmentally friendly option of LED lighting. You can even set up a complimentary lighting audit, regardless of property size, with one of our lighting experts who is more than happy to answer any of your questions regarding ROIs, using already existing light fixtures, improving dark spots in or around your building, and anything else you may be wondering.

Will Switching To LED Lights Be Affordable?

Customized Lighting Solutions Tailored to Suit Your Needs and Budget

Our environmental impact and service has proven to be successful. We partnered with Corbrook, a community-based organization in Toronto that has been helping families and individuals with disabilities find work and enhance their quality of life, to increase their savings so they could invest said savings back into their community. Their annual CO2 savings (carbon dioxide) reached 49.8 metric tons (one metric ton is equal to 1,000kg) with an annual energy savings improvement of 73%.

We partnered with PING Canada, a high-quality golf manufacturer that’s been family-owned and operated since 1959, to maintain their wishes of protecting our environment and promoting a safer and healthier working environment. Their CO2 savings in metric tons equalled 42.6, with an annual energy savings improvement of 71%.

We’ve also partnered with, and seen a high amount of savings from Savaria, a mobility equipment supplier in Brampton, Fengate – S/M Enterprises, a well-known investment firm, Deerhurst Resort in Muskoka, the Burlington Golf and Country Club, Turtle Jack’s restaurant in Burlington, and a McDonald’s restaurant in London.

Contact a lighting solutions expert at RES by visiting our contact us page or calling 416-844-9366. We'll come to your facility and provide a lighting audit to determine where you can benefit from cost effective lighting solutions.