Interior Industrial Lighting

There’s no denying it. Lighting and energy is your single most expensive cost for your industrial building, whether it’s a warehouse, factory, large distribution centre, or parking lot. They’re large spaces and most often than not, the lights are being used 24/7. But, in this day and age, there are options to reduce the cost by moving toward a more sustainable future with LED light bulbs.

Luckily, Republic Energy Services excels in replacing LED lighting for commercial and industrial businesses for both interior and exterior solutions and we’ve partnered with Philips who specialize in producing and installing high-quality lighting.

What Is The Difference Between LED, Fluorescent & Incandescent Light Bulbs?


The incandescent bulb is the most commonly used one in the world and is the least expensive, but it’s also the least efficient option. More than 95% of the power produced by incandescent bulbs is converted into heat, not light. Their lifespan is typically between 1,000 – 2,000 hours. That’s only a few months if used consistently before needing to be replaced again. Even though they’re inexpensive, that cost adds up by having to replace them every few months.


The name pretty much says it all. These lights are white, bright, and often unflattering seeing as they illuminate every pimple and pore. The light is produced by chemical reaction between gas and mercury that produce UV light, which in turn lights up the coating in the bulb (a powdered substance). The reason they have a bad reputation is because of the mercury. Though the amount produced is small, if the bulbs break special measures should be taken to clean it up.

Mercury can be toxic and should be disposed as hazardous waste. If one of your fluorescent bulbs breaks you should:

One of the main reasons people like to use fluorescent lighting is because of its lifespan of 34,000 hours – that’s including being left on 24 hours a day.


The most fascinating bulb of all, is the LED bulb. It produces more light instead of heat, and though they have a higher up-front cost, they last up to 50,000 hours and up to 10 years – this is 50 times longer than an incandescent bulb and 80% more effective since 95% of the bulbs energy is converted into light and 5% is wasted as heat.

Interior Industrial Lighting

Why is the LED Bulb so Efficient?

LED bulbs don’t contain toxic elements like the fluorescent bulb. In the event a LED bulb breaks, you certainly don’t have to take the same measures to ensure your health and safety all because of a bulb. You are also immensely lowering your greenhouse gas emissions since 95% of the energy is being turned into light instead of heat like incandescent bulbs.

Lowering greenhouse gas emissions has been the main reason companies are choosing us to convert their lighting to LED bulbs. Not only are they cutting the overall energy costs, but they are also making a positive impact on the environment and their employees.

Why Should I Switch My Interior Lighting To LED Lighting?

You can start seeing a 70% decrease in your energy bill when you switch to LED bulbs and make a positive impact on the environment. But, just as importantly, did you know proper lighting is proven to increase your employee’s motivation, health, and productivity?

By installing proper lighting in their workspace, they will be more alert, which greatly decreases risks of accidents in warehouses and parking lots, and it can improve health issues like depression, anxiety, fatigue, and stress. Being exposed to proper lighting throughout the day can also improve poor sleeping patterns and overall improve work-life balance.

Another reason your employees will love the new lighting is they don’t make noise. Other bulbs can sometimes hiss or vibrate, especially when they’re going to burn out shortly. LED bulbs are specifically designed with this in mind, so your employees won’t go crazy listening to that annoying buzzing! 

Remember that not only are you decreasing your gas emissions and carbon footprint, as well as increasing the health of your employees, but you could also be the reason other large businesses around you follow suit. You could be the reason for such a large positive environmental impact as you encourage others to also change their ways.

Why Should I Switch My Interior Lighting To LED Lighting?

Can Any Light Fixture Be Switched To LED?

Even if you have a communal fridge in the lunchroom, we can put an LED light in it. Even if your lights are high up on the warehouse ceiling, we will replace them. Whatever you would like, discuss your goals with us during your complimentary audit and we’ll gladly show you different options for large workspaces. LED High Bay lights are a great eco-friendly option and use up to 60% less energy than large fluorescent fixtures, and since they have a longer lifespan, you won’t have to worry about how you’re going to constantly get up to the ceiling to fix them!

Get Your Free Interior Industrial Lighting Audit

If you’d like to speak to a professional and show them the space you’d like converted to LED lighting first, we gladly offer a free audit and thoroughly explain how you can expect to lower your carbon footprint, what your average ROI will be a month, how your operating costs will change, what installation entails, and what lighting designs are available.

What You Should Consider When Updating Your Indoor Lighting

Choosing and implementing the ideal lighting plan for commercial spaces is not an easy task. Ideally, your lighting project needs to provide uniform and adequate illumination throughout your commercial space. Below are some things that should be taken into consideration when designing the lighting for indoor spaces:

Potential Costs

Energy Efficiency


When it comes to industrial buildings, extensive lighting is often required. With outdated lighting fixtures, you will pay and consume much more than necessary, which will dramatically add to your operational costs. Installing top-quality interior lighting may seem to be an expensive investment, but it will pay off in the long run. 

More and more industries are in search of sustainable energy solutions that have an ecofriendly, positive impact. LED-based fixtures have replaced compact fluorescent lights and incandescent bulbs. Not only these lighting fixtures are energy efficient but they require less maintenance while providing better radiance.

The interior lighting fixtures need to be selected diligently to complement a commercial space. Otherwise, they will ruin the aesthetic appearance of your business space. In addition to being aesthetically pleasing, interior lighting should be stylish as well as flexible in size and shape.

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