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Republic Energy Services has worked with many nuclear, institutional, industrial and commercial facilities throughout North America to help them understand their energy savings opportunities. We can assist you in quantifying the reduction of your energy expenses and green house gas emissions, allowing you to achieve your emission targets.

Our niche energy savings component is derived from the mechanical insulation. Facilities that operate on steam or hot water systems often unknowingly have operating equipment that has been damaged, stripped of insultation due to maintenance, a complete lack of insultation, or leaks. RES implements pipe insultation and removal cover applications on valves, strainers, pumps, flanges, pipes, tanks and numerous other types of process equipment.

When working with RES to reduce energy consumption and green house gas emissions, you can expect the following:

Here are some of the results we have achieved in working with different industries.

Nuclear Facility:

Industrial Facility:

Institutional Facility:

Alongside utility companies and government agencies, we coordinate potential appraisal and implementation subsidies that result in our customers being in the net positive from our cost.

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