Nicholson & Cates - RES Canada

For over 50 years Nicholson & Cates has been a proud family owned and operated company specializing in all facets of the Lumber Business.  When reviewing their Caledonia Distribution plant, it was obvious that RES and Philips could come in and greatly reduce their Kilowatt's attributed to their existing lighting.  Once completed the results were fantastic:

  • Annual Energy Savings: 64%
  • Annual Maintenance Savings: 61%
  • Annual KWh Reduction: 177,963 KWh
  • Annual Co2 Savings - shown in Metric Tones: 110.7
  • ROI: 32%
  • Payback in Years: 3.12

"We are very pleased with the recent work the RES has completed via the Philips Program.  We have noticed a significant drop in our Kilowatts on our Hydro Bills!"

Kevin Fraser - Operations Manager

what our clients say!

I am very pleased with the retrofit and would be happy to pass along any recommendations to potential clients. We are seeing an average of $2,500 to $3,000 saving per month and that is covering the lease nicely. So far it has worked out better than I thought. If interested, Trish has a spreadsheet that covers several years of Kilowatt hours by month and you can clearly see the reduction since our retrofit.

David DeSaverio

Philips Energy Solutions Partner

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