The Effects of Lighting on Workplace Productivity


In a study completed by Philips Lighting they found that quality of lighting in the workplace had a significant effect on employee productivity, specifically on circadian rhythm.

Why is that important to workplace productivity?

Circadian rhythms have been shown to influence sleep-wake cycles, hormone release, eating habits and digestion, stimulation, relaxation, body temperature, and other important bodily functions. How can you ensure your current lighting system is designed for optimal employee performance?

Likewise, proper lighting has been found to decrease depression, as well as improve employees’ moods, energy levels, alertness and productivity.

The article Flick of a Switch: How Lighting Affects Productivity and Mood by Molly Greenberg on, Greenberg references a study completed by the American Society of Interior Design that discovered that 68% of employees complained about the lighting in their offices.

Although these studies focus on employee productivity, it’s important to know that proper lighting can also affect your customers.  RES Canada completed a lighting retrofit for The Burlington Golf & Country Club that has produced substantial cost savings, but also elevated the atmosphere in a prestigious club. Similarly, a restaurant with improved lighting can increase savings and positively influence the mood of staff and customers.

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