Vertical Markets

Your facility lighting often is the single largest operating cost you have, and that is where Republic Energy Services excels for you. We merge lighting technology with efficiency, adding decades of expertise and a long history of success, to ensure substantial monetary returns from your lighting retrofit project dollars that go 100% to your bottom-line profitability.

At RES we strive to develop efficient affordable lighting solutions that are catered to your businesses specific needs. We have had the privilege of dealing with many clients within the vertical sectors presented below but not limited to:


Warehouses, Logistics Facilities, Manufacturing Plants, Distribution Centers, Parking Lots


Property management firms, Auto Dealerships, Developers, Land owners, Office Buildings, Parking Lots


Fast food, Casual Dining, Fine Dining, Coffee Shops, Parking Lots


Country Clubs, Ice Rinks, Fitness clubs, Retail stores, Sporting clubs, Parking Lots

To book your facility's lighting audit with RES, visit our contact us page, or call 416-844-9366 to speak to a lighting expert today.

what our clients say!

"We were afraid that the reduced wattage would not showcase our cars as well. However once we received our new lights, we were pleasantly surprised at the clarity and color. We are very pleased not only with the look of the new lights but the money we put to the bottom line is almost too good to be true."

Guss Hopel

Philips Energy Solutions Partner

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